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1. assiduous (tough) practice done by many Buddhist schools around the word that incorporates the recitation of a sutra and a mantra to an object of veneration.
2. a powerful practice of chanting and meditation that allows one to tap into the mysteries of the mind and the Universe.
3. Chanting Nam-Myho-Renge-Kyo to the Gohonzon and recitation of the Expedient Means and The Life Span of the Thus Come One chapters of the Lotus Sutra of the Sublime Wonderful LAW.
1. Every time I do Gongyo, I chant and get my prayers answered. 2. Gongyo is so essential because I receive so much benefits. 3. The man pratices Gongyo that is why is life force is so strong; you can see a powerful aura around him. 4. Many people who practice Gongyo develop powers like medians and psychics.
by malvin April 02, 2008
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