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Gongongahaffa (guhn-guhn-gah-haf-fah):

"You are going to have to".

Gongongahaffa is almost always followed by a verb/noun pair. This v/n pair will often exhibit the same compressed quality that Gongongahaffa exhibits. The single most popular gongongahaffa expression is: Gongonahaffa-eepoo or "You are going to have to eat poo," which is used to convey "You're fucked now!" to someone who has gotten themselves into a bad situation:

Ooooh! You shouldn't have done that. Now gongongahaffa-eepoo.

There is sometimes confusion about why this word is not "gongahaffa" which might seem to make more sense. The answer lies in the word's origins. The word comes from a song by a musical artist named "mr strauss":

"You're gongongahaffa eat poo, yeah that's what you're gongahaffa do, yeah now gongongahaffa, yeah now gongongahaffa, yeah now gongongahaffa eat poo."

Note that the short form, "gongahaffa" does occur once in the song. This short form, however, is considered deprecated. It is no longer in common use.

Gongongahaffa, in some communities, can be preceeded with "You're." Despite the obvious redundancy of doing so, it is considered technically correct, albeit a little strange, to do so.
(You're) gongongahaffa eepoo (eat poo).
by vox monitor July 04, 2005
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