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Gombal is also similar as 'overly sweet talk' and usually expressed expressed by a guy to a girl.
Girl: Aww pity you, the weather must be the caused of your sickness.
Guy: Nooo, I think i get sick because I miss Lizzy too much... body doesn't cope well baby
Girl: GOMBAL talk!
by rawrgal September 07, 2016
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Gombal adalah kata dari Bahasa Indonesia yang mengekspresikan sesuatu yang tidak berguna atau tidak berarti, dalam Bahasa Inggris, artinya hampir sama dengan kata shit atau bullshit

Gombal is an indonesian word which expresses something useless or usually the same meaning with shit or bullshit in English.
smua omongannya gombal! (Indonesian)

all his word is shit! (English)
by Micheal Harjowardoyo January 22, 2009
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