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Similar to the golden shower, the golden hailstorm is a sexual act in which one person urinates on another, while passing a kidney or ureteral stone. Due to its rarity and near improbability, the golden hailstorm is often praised heavily by its receiver.
Late one night at the senior center, Martha and Frank started getting frisky with one another. Martha started to take off Frank's pants but he quickly stopped her. "Hold on, i've got a surprise for you!" he said with a wink. He then finished taking off his pants, and immediately started screeching loudly. Luckily for Martha, she had her hearing aid turned down, but she could still see Frank's visible agony. Just as she was about to ask if he was okay, Frank suddenly unleashed the golden hailstorm all over Martha's face. Three small stones hit her straight in her open mouth, and the immense pressure of the previously-blocked urine sprayed Martha like the rains of a Category Five hurricane. Martha was overcome by the sheer beauty of the golden hailstorm; she later described it as akin to seeing the aurora borealis or like being kissed by the Pope. After the golden hailstorm, Martha treated Frank to hours over intercourse, as she in awe of being a part of the rare golden hailstorm.
by mrboochieman November 29, 2013
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