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The anal cavity of a female is opened wide for the insertion of urine into the spread ass whole, once the urine is inserted and makes a small pool of liquid composed of urine, of course, the female exerts gas from the anal cavity causing a burst of urine from the anal cavity resembling the eruption of a such geyser, gold of course being the color of urine if properly hydrated.
Mary Sue: Hey billy tonight im feeling an explosion coming on how about we make a good old fashioned golden geyser?!

Billy: Sure sounds swell Mary Sue i just drank a gallon of ice cold lemonade for that extra golden color i know that you crave(you silly fetish slut)!
by thejokerni45 March 23, 2009
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Verb; During coitus, you gleefully have your partner roll-over on his or her back with there anus facing skyward. You then proceed to urinate into the gaping vortex. Your partner then evacuates the warm golden liquid into the air via flatulent discharge thus creating the beautiful and majestic "Golden Geyser"
After a long day of work, Jana pulled the tarp out, laid it on the floor and called Bill in. She saw this as an opportunity to propose the "Golden Geyser" for their mutual enjoyment. Bill agreed without hesitation.
by David Gary David June 13, 2018
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