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Fake gold or something that is a cheap kind of metal like steel or tin that is only plated with gold. Some people will try to pass off items made with this material as being real gold.
Person 1: "Yo man what you need?"

Person 2: "Yo, ah man I need something man. I need a 20 man."

Person 1: "Well what you got man?"

Person 2: "I got this gold chain man."

Person 1: "This shit looks like that gold on a roll shit from the swap meet!"

Person 2: "It's real man."

Person 1: "This shit ain't real. You'd better get the fuck out of here and come back with some money."

Person 2: "Come on man, be cool man."

Opening Dialogue From The Song "Dopeman" By N.W.A.
by IceWarm October 18, 2004
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