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A high school located in Goffstown, New Hampshire. You got a good amount of hicks, whiggers and stoners with Goffstown being next to the weed kingdom, Manchester. People still talk about Manchester as if its a war zone. The school lacks diversity, most of the population being white.

It is an unspoken rule that everyone, including the freshman, hate the freshman.

Most of the cliques that reside in the school are more definable in the mornings before the bell rings. The stoners sit by the stairways or are in the bathroom smoking pot or some shit, jocks stand by the gym, weaboos and emos are in the theatre lobby, the art kids stay near the entrance of the art wing and the theatre geeks practically live in the music wing, possibly holding up a cult in the practice rooms.
by skatingfasterandeatingass March 15, 2018
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