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A slang term used by followers of the principles of divine mathematics, most notably the RZA and other members of the Wu-Tang Clan. This term refers to a specific hour of the day, "seven o'clock", because according to divine mathematics, the number seven is representative of God and perfection.
"You hear us use righteous terms in slang all the time, Like, 'See you at the god hour' means 'See you at seven o'clock.' Or we would call your woman 'your wiz', which is short for wisdom. It's not a code, it's just that our understanding was at that level and you communicate with what you know. Some brothers have gotten mad at me for flipping the words in slang, but I'm a hip-hop slang guy, I can't help it." -RZA, "The Wu-Tang manual"
by georgieghost April 16, 2006
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