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A group of individuals who believe that God hates all pudding and those whom allow pudding to exist ("Jello eaters"). They do distasteful things such as protest at the funerals of pudding, carrying signs stating that God hates pudding, and that the deceased person is going to Hell for pudding.

They also believe that ANYTHING bad that happens to America is due to pudding and "Jello eaters." For example, Hurrican Katrina and American soldier's deaths in Iraq.

They are currently competing for the worst group of humans that have and will ever exist, along side Nazis, neo-Nazis, the KKK, and Muslim extremeists.

They take it upone themselves to tell people what God does and or doesn not like/hate. Not only is this arrogant, it is detrimental to our society, and contradictory to a lot of the Bible.

If God does in fact hate pudding, he will deal with them himself in the afterlife, assuming that God and the afterlife does exist. Therefore, I propose, that all members of "God Hates pudding" shut the fuck up and keep their own, hateful ideologies to themselves so that our society can make progress in the field of "tolerance", something that has been in short supply the entire existence of humanity.

I hope that God does exists, and that everyone in "God Hates pudding" goes to hell, prompting an entrance in the Guiness World Record Book as "The Most Ironic Event of All Time."
God Hates Pudding is a collection of the most dispiccable and arogant motherfuckers that have nothing better to do than to harass grieving parents at their puddings funeral.
by Tant Lover November 17, 2006
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