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the act of gripping your purple headed warrior so hard he burps blood out of his mushroom cap.
Steamboat Willy sat in the engine room of the boat because he's a filthy goatchoker. He didn't want the other boys and girls to see him wacking his billy club with a cockring and peacock feathers.
by Sally mae March 06, 2003
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A person who masturbates in a furious and aggressive manner, due to the act being vain in nature it is usually committed in front of a mirror , individuals who engage in this heinous act are usually given away due to their social retardation and enormous ego.
person 1: "Hey bro!! why are you looking at my girl?!?! My body is made of solid steel! i've been on TMZ ten fucking times , i'm a god damn movie star!! I'll fuck you up!!!" person 2: " what a real goat choker". *walks away and continues on with life*
by Tomm Orrow April 10, 2015
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