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A goal celebration happens when a goal is scored by a player, usually leading him to an orgasm. The team mates will often join the orgasmic session yelling and jumping around, grabbing and molesting him (in a good way).
Sometimes this goes to far, with the team mates jumping on him, incapable of holding themselves.
Goal Celebration example:

*Player 1 scores a goal.

*Player 1 starts running and yelling to the cameras.

*Player 2 grabs him.

*Player 3 slaps player 1's ass.

*Player 4 and 5 join the session by taking player 1 down.

*Player 6 jumps on player 1, while player 1 is lying on the floor still screaming and having an orgasm.

*All team mates orgasm with player 1.

*Player 1 gets up and thank them and the crowd.
by Chullage February 03, 2009
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