A sarcastic phrase you tell someone when they’re “snapping” or throwing a tantrum
Jack: Are you sure your shoes are tied correctly?
Mike: yes, i ties them myself.

Jack: they really don’t look like it.

Mike: Go off sis.
by Krith January 08, 2018
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Expression that can be used versatilely;

1) When one wants their pal to do great at whatever they are doing aka hyping them up
2) In a sarcastic matter: For example when they are snapping for no reason really.
1) A: Im going to get some work done today

B: go off sis!

2) Gabe: You know that's not really the right way to do it, THIS is how it actually works.

B: That is exactly what I just did Gabrielle, but go off sis.
by n e t t mhm October 02, 2018
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a phrase Females use when their friend is venting or Stating facts about someone.
kayla: "Patrica always tryna take peoples man but she not even cute."
Sam:" GO off Sis"
by missingthehitormiss January 14, 2019
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