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The creepiest place in all of eskimodom. Don't go there. They will violate your anus


Gnome Alaska is where sapiens of non-homo origin live and they will make you more homo than a scarved black guy with a pompador and lollipop tattoo on his neck. Then they'll take your little girl, leave your ripped open asshole stuck in a wheelchair babbling about shadow monsters as people laugh at you out of pity.

Gnome alaska...where the Gnomeos roam

Into your butt
Friend A: Hey man what's ? Heard you and Jane went on vacation to Gnome Alaska, how was it?

Friend B: I don't have to actually try to poo no mo babydoll, that dookie just kinda fall out all on its own thanks to them boogymens

Friend A: Holy shit fred...dont talk to me or my family anymore
by Captain Magnanimous February 21, 2014
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