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gmode- (gee-mode) -this can be used in two diffrent ways. gmode can mean ganster mode or god mode.
1 Person A: *gets 15 kills in a row* "YEA! I just went GMODE on yo asses!" (god mode)

2 person B: *dose an awsome trick with a vehicle* "thats how its done! GMODE FTW! (gangster)
by guy montang April 19, 2011
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G-mode, or G-moding, is a process or illness that occurs when someone has had too much to drink. G-mode stands for Gronk-mode in which the victim of the illness acts like a complete idiot and retart. Symptoms include shouting out abuse to random people, getting violent, breaking bottles at parks, pissing anywhere on the street, making hsss-ing noises when reading your own phone, and more. The 'G' in G-mode may also sometimes stand for Gay, as the victim is prone to saying homosexual things, such as 'i'll shove my hot penis up your ass", or "do you want to get raped up the ass?". This illness was first found in some asian bloke called DALE.

If you suspect a person is showing signs of G-mode, then it is best not to let them into your car and go clubbing with them, and most importantly DO NOT let them stay at your house. However, when they do pass out, as they often will through the effects of g-mode, you may put cigarette ash in their hair because you might as well have some fun with the g-mode victim before they become sober again.

Example of a person who has g-mode: "Fuck, i hate beans. Oh, I'll get the chilli dog with beans anyway." ... 5 minutes later: "Fucken cunt, i hate beans, why's there beans in this?!"
by sickkent November 11, 2006
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