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The Glock Fohtay is a way of holding a small arms type weapon. If a pistol is being utilized, then the weapon will be held sideways, instead of vertical. This is mainly done by "gangsters" and people who really cant shoot at all. (Gangsters actually made this since they stereotypically like to carry the Glock handguns in the .40 caliber round, hence Glock Fohtay) Now the way this is done with a rifle is a little different, yet sort of the same. The rifle will be flipped on its side now and shot in this position. It can also be shot like this above the head. Now even firther, such weapons as RPG's can be shot in the Glock Fohtay position be once again flipping the weapon on its side and firing. This has been exhibited by Liberians caught in a civil war. No one knows for sure why people would shoot like this, however, it sure does add some extra flamboyancy while taking out an enemy!
This Liberian freedom fighter is executing the Glock Fohtay shooting stance with his AK-47 while running down the street and swaggering.
by Mista Bojangles July 23, 2006
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