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The school that pisses off Mt. Hebron because they beat them at everything but lacrosse.
Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, jv football, girls basketball, softball, wrestling, and track which isnt a real sport, I just felt like putting it in here). All these sports are examples of sports we beat Mt. Hebron in.
by Anonymous Gladiator May 04, 2005
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Where the girls are more boyish than the guys are. It's just filled with a bunch of sluts who have cameltoe, and all the guys are metrosexual pricks. Also think they are the best in sports when really they suck.
Glenelg guy: "hey tina nice shirt"
Girl: "thanks i got it from abercrombie"
Glenelg guy: "duh i know tina i have the same one except i pop the collar up cause u know thats how u wear them"
by rlax87 April 28, 2005
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a high school in howard county. everyone acts like they aren’t rich as fuck but everyone is loaded. everyone is either a farmer, a lax player who thinks they’re the shit, a redneck from the suburbs, or just some random kid. girls have to learn how to get through high school with a dick boyfriend or not one at all. i feel bad for them. teachers suck more then the field hockey players.
maddy: woah he’s so hot!

sara: yeah, too bad he’s from glenelg high school.
by basicbitchesjeeps June 11, 2018
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the school wih all the hoes whio work down on the farm. They also got beaten by mount hebron in girls soccer wat wat. eat that shit!
-what r the directions to glenelg h.s
-pass 2 farms the take a left at the cows if you see a bunch of manly lookin girls with a lot of make up on ur there!
by Annonymous Viking May 06, 2005
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The school every other highschool hates in Howard county. Sports are insane (but so political) and so are the kids. Rednecks to spoiled brats Glenelg has it all.... Everyone describes Glenelg as Racist. Although some kids are, most are not. Kids have their drama and so do the parents..... but even with all the problems no one would trade the Glenelg family for anything
I just drove a bop away to an address that turns out to be Glenelg Highschool.

When’s drive your tractor to school day?
by Farmerjoe12 June 09, 2018
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