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1. A group of girls organized around a central leader who could be considered a queen bee. The posse is very loyal to her and serves the same purpose as henchmen do for bad guys in all those movies.

2. A phenomenon in which many girls hang out with one or two guys. Sometimes either conscious or unconscious attraction to the males is present. This phenomenon is often noticed in the latter years of high school, and often involves girls realizing the value of smart, thoughtful, and sensitive guys that had heretofore had little to do with the opposite sex and may not exactly have been social butterflies.
1. "Ugh, there's that girl Cheryl and her girl posse. I'd do something to mess with her, but that stupid girl posse would probably rip me limb from limb."

2. -"Hey, remember back when Jack didn't have many friends and girls never talked to him?"

-"Yeah, he's really developed a girl posse over the last year and a half. It's like they can't stay away from him."
by onionparadise June 02, 2009
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