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A book written by Tim Collins that describes everything a ginger needs to know to survive in a gingerphobic society. It contains gingers through history, halls of ginger fame, halls of ginger shame, what hairstyles don't work with ginger hair, the ginger milkman joke, and the best comebacks to use for pretty much every ginger insult in existence.
Ginger Girl: "I can't seem to win, honey. It's like everyone hates gingers. I'm tempted to dye my hair blonde or something."
Her Gingerphile Boyfriend: "Don't do that! Look, I have a book at home called the ginger survival guide. I'll lend it to you-you'll feel proud you're a ginger."
Ginger Girl: "Aw thanks, sweetheart. You're the best!"
by MegaMilkCosplayer April 01, 2014
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