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- A homosexual asshole or douche bag.

- Someone of the male gender who is thought to of had a vagina.
Guy 1 - Yo, check out that ginebag.. he's always making up shit about the people who ask him if he's gay..

Guy 2 - Yeah, I know.. I hate him.

Ginebag - Hey bitches. What y'all talkin' 'bout? Ooh! You will never guess what I heard about you guuuysssss! *rambles on about some random made up junk*
by llednitram drahcir June 08, 2009
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one who posesses the skills and traits of a female. also the placement of the female genetalia on a males body causeing him to make decisions like or the same as a female. this will result in humiliation and cruel pussy jokes to be made by all persons in the surrounding area.
stop being such a gine-bag, lets get drunk!
by Vincent Fiore November 01, 2006
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