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1.) One billion boobs, or 10^9 tits.

2.) Internet/Electronic porn that emphasizes the breasts.

3.) A girl that is computer savvy.
1.) Were you at MTV's spring break party? There had to be at least a few gigatits there by the pool.

2.) My boss likes to look at gigatits on his PC after closing.

3.) John: "Jane, how do I partition my new hard drive to store porn?

Jane: "It's easy, if you have installed the drive, use disk manager to create the new partitions."

John: "Jane, you're such a gigatit."
by lb lb lb lb March 31, 2009
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A gigatit is used as a measurement of porn stored.
Maaannnn you have 500 gigatits of gay porn?
by Doggocool December 12, 2018
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