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A condition that arises from a poor diet and lifestyle which, when passing a morning stool results in acidic stomach acid residue remaining in the butt crack after a good wiping. Combine this with the setup of a live event, where sometimes thousands of steps are taken moving around the venue and a high humidity level; results in an uncomfortable rash forming between the butt cheeks. Depending on the severity, the afflicted will tend to move around less as the day goes on, a shower is the only known remedy. Once treated the condition can still take over 12 hours to settle. Ointments may soothe over this period, but who wants to go there?
"I pulled a 20 hour shift on Friday."
"That would have paid well?"
"Yeah it did, but I got a bad case of gig bum."
by xxX-Philby-Xxx October 24, 2008
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