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A "little troll"/creepy stalker midget from the much beloved television show, Gravity Falls. Gideon Gleeful runs (ran, now?) the Tent of Telepathy. A rival business to the Mystery Shack. He was first seen in the episode: 'The Hand that Rocks the Mabel,' in which he continuously guilt tripped her into dates which eventually lead to him almost killing Dipper- Mabel's twin brother (see Pine Tree.) and himself in the process. His motives seem a bit skewed, as he swears vengeance upon the entire Pines family- but continues to send Mabel love letters and remains persistent in trying to convince her to be his queen. He goes so far as to summon a brain demon in order to exact his revenge, however, this plan backfires. Pretty badly at that.

In the episode Dreamscapers HE CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL.

Heh, but no seriously. He brought a giant wrecking ball to the shack and destroyed part of the sign. It was depressing.
Gideon Gleeful is one of the many antagonists in the television show Gravity Falls.
by Mabel Shmabel Glabel Fable April 09, 2014
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