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This is a mix between animal and awesomeness. The "gianimale" is the most incredible humanimal out there.

The originality and creativeness of the gianimale will always stand out in large crowds. He tends to play with girls minds with his manipulative personality, and is truly a professional mind ninja. He can get you to believe anything, and will always get his way because of such a powerfull voice.

Gianimale does everything to the extreme. for example:

Holy fuck, gianimale just drank a bottle of booze, and is now driving home while texting broads to come over!!! Man oh man I wish I was gianimale!

Gianimale is also very trustworthy, and always has his niggas back even though most of the time he is high, drunk, or sexually pleasing females.

Gianimale is the 8th wonder of the world
Fuck, I wish I was as cool as gianimale.... Everyones loves him. I want to be just like him.
by megacock June 19, 2013
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