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murderdolls or frankenstein drag queen from planet 13 fan.
i am a ghoulscout because i love the murderdolls and the frankenstein drag queens.
by iLoveJoeyJordison March 21, 2004
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someone that like murderdoll that dress in black and red sometimes mistaking for a Goth.
Someone dress in black and red.
by I'm a Ghoulscouts November 01, 2003
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Faction within the alternative Sector, an offshot of goth or black/death metal. Style and music draw strong influences from old B movies and cheesy horror, often zombies. An example of music a ghoulscout would listen to is the murderdolls. Most ghoulscouts are in the 11-15 range.
babybats, murderdolls, anything black AND red makes good ghoulscouts :p
by NowhereGirl November 06, 2007
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