a complete failure forum troll. he is useless and spends more time on internet forums than he does doing any other activity. his post count is in the hundreds of thousands; he spends so much time on the internet he really doesn't know whats happening in the real world, and so includes as his hobbies and interests, communism, Leninism, Marxism, and Maoism, terrorism, Muslim, smoking, drinking, making hummus, and generally being a walking contradiction of terms; as a defensive mechanism in case anyone should ever call him on his retarded tendencies.
Wow can you believe Obama's reaction to the oil spill?

a ghostnuke - "this would never of happened under a muslim ruler, the US is to blame for everything, your a idiot, go QQ about your jackboots wearing leader to a Iranian nuke in your face!! if you disagree your dumb and retarded and stuff that in my pipe and smoke it!"
by jackboot licker June 16, 2010
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