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A message, or messages, sent while the recipient is not online.
It is usually intended for the recipient to read when they come online & not necessary or vital to send in an active conversation.
Ghost messages usually are about previously stated information or just something that you would like the recipient to read & not necessarily respond to.
(Please note the timestamps on these examples)
Example 1:
9:20 PM
Sebastian: Do you think you could come tonight?
Anna: Maybe. I don't know... I'll have to ask my mom.
12:00 AM
Anna: I was reading up some things about tickets... It costs 50$ to go there, then we need to consider the amount for food & attractions.
10:15 AM
Sebastian: Oh, right. It closes at 9 too.

Example 2:
3:00 PM
(very random conversation about things)
3:50 PM
Ian: (link to a funny YouTube video)
6:18 PM
Evan: What the hell did you send me.

Example 3:
11:25 AM

Sam: (sends notorious spam)
5:00 PM
Piper: why do you keep ghost messaging me
Sam: ghost messages. (jazz hands)
by Killossal October 31, 2016
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