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when you wake up in the middle of the night and it feels like you have your dick in an anus but there is none there, it often smells after wards as if you did have butt sex.
Dude, last night I had a wicked case of ghost anus.
by Takalakala November 10, 2010
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1.) Noun: when its smells like a really bad fart and there is not an anus in site for miles!
2.)Verb: when your friend farts and will not admit it.
noun or verb.
3.) Exclamation: When in a two-person conversation, someone smells a fart and is sure they did not pass wind but is not sure if the other person has, he/she may exclaim ghost anus to dismiss the idea that the awful smell is in fact from him/her.
Verb: Dude. did you just ghost anus all over that bald man's head?
Noun: It smells like ghost anus in this museum.

Alexys: So that is pretty much all that really matters in my mind
Sam: Ghost Anus
by Moustachioed Villain January 02, 2012
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