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A condition in which a person is convinced that there is a ghost in his or her house. A person suffering from ghost paranoia will often tell you many different stories in which they have seen a ghost in their house and/or seen a ghost doing things with physical objects in their house.
Duder 1: "No for real. I came home one day and my beagle was on top of that fucking ledge. Way up there. I mean, how did he get up there? He can't jump that high."

Duder 2: "Yeah right dude."

Duder 1: "Oh and I saw her one night at the foot of my bed, she was all white and wouldn't take her eyes off me. I just hid under the covers til she went away. Oh and look at this window. Her hand print is still there!"

Duder 3: "Oh my God dude, there's no hand print. You've got ghost paranoia like a son of a bitch. How do you sleep alone at night?"
by westfalia January 26, 2010
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