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A staggering combination of STD's that form into one super disease that eats your flesh from the inside out and turns you into blob shaped like a fire hydrant crossed with a carrot with a fucked up hair cut.
Usually contracted from "Guidettes and Guidos" by sexual means and skin contact. But it is also airborn within 10 feet of a carrier.
The original source was reported to be a ravenous drunken skank troll named "Snooki"
Due to the downward spiral of society it has become prevalent amongst teenage idiots and semi-retarded 20 somethings in North America.
If contracted; pray to whatever god you wish and kiss your ass goodbye.
Get away from me you nasty ass troll, i don't want that ghonnaherpipsyphalitus shit
by T_Vittle December 31, 2010
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