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(Adj) the state of being (mentally) sharp and smooth while maintaining an urban swagger often characterized by verbal dexterity, wit, a stong work ethic, superior public speaking skills, and the ability to chill the fuck out, grab a 40 or a blunt and kick it during the weekend
(Adj) the combination of ghetto and sophisticated, with more emphasis on the latter
(Adj) a beast
Jessica:OMG Becky, Morehouse's Model UN team is so ghettophisticated.
Becky:Yeah, they're hot, they know how to party, and they're soooo serious when it comes to getting work done.

J. Rawlings (former president of Ghana), Shirley Franklin (Atlanta's Mayor), Russell Simmons, Michael Eric Dyson, Sean Combs, Most Spelman Women, Most Morehouse Men, Some Howard & Clark people, Even fewer people from Hampton
by Tsmooth May 04, 2007
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