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A fruit flavored wine that is resonably cheap at anywhere between $1.50 to $2.80 a bottle. Some popular brands are Cisco, Thunderbird, Night Train, Wild Irish Rose, and of course MD 20/20. They usually cause a drunken stupor and extremely bad hangovers.
DAMN! This Ghetto Wine gots my ass throwed!
by J Velvet May 10, 2005
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Fruit flavored wine drinks usually found in urban area convenience stores for a relatively cheap price. The taste like crap too. Ghetto wines are typically fortified, meaning that they actually add alcohol to get you more fucked up. Night Train and Thunderbird are the granddaddy's these days, ever since MD 20/20 stopped fortifying their red grape wine. Other types are available as well.
I just killed my bitch for fucking another man. Let's get some ghetto wine so I can get fucked up fast.
by CGizzle October 20, 2005
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