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1. Slang for old school, or out dated.
2. Making do with older technology.
3. A geek who untilizes technology in ways which it wasn't intended. (furnature, doorstops, car parts out of computers, etc.)
1. "Dude, omg, your coffee table is made out of old computers, that is so ghetto geek."
2. "WTF is this a 486?" "Yeah man, it's my good laptop". "Man your hardcore ghetto geek".
3. A geek programing an application/game etc. only able to run on the most modern hardware, on a pre P2 computer.
by TEEG February 20, 2006
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A geeky, white suburban kid, usually between the ages of 13-18 who dresses like their favourite gangstas, in a frantic attempt to show how ghetto they are.
Ghetto geek: DAG YO! Diddy's new album is da shit yo.

Normal person: Look at that kid, with their dollar store bling and their phat farm clothing, they're just a ghetto geek
by pmart4567 February 22, 2007
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Combination of internet slang and abbreviations with Snoop Dogg ghettospeak.
OMGizzle, is that Bill Gates over there?
Nice ghettogeek, dude.

BRBizzle, gotta get another one of those World of Warcraft Mountain Dews.
OMGizzle, is that ghettogeek??!!!1one1??
by Dadarev July 15, 2009
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