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The god of hormones. Controversial faceless internet bodybuild legend who first appeared on spreading taboo information about succeeding in the bodybuild cult. After many years and success stories, with backing from ex pros like Nasser El Sonbaty, the anonymous former Mr Olympia competitor started his own site free of 3rd party interference and censorship in order to spread the truth about the cult. Valuable information ranging from detailed drug protocols, diet advice, training advice, the truth about gay4pay and drug addiction, and dismissing widely-held beliefs among gym rats. Also gh15 shares knowledge on how to deal with americano whore, his claims to be linked to powerful people in washington, and he theories about aliens.
very hard to recomend the true natural a training method because gh15 doesnt believe in training natural and think its waste of time when it comes to building muscle,, you can go to the natural board where they are not natural but they are small doses fellas that can help,,

gh15 is in the believe that bodybuilding is ALL DRUGS ,,and thus should be tresated as all drugs,,and thus the first thing that matters is what drugs you got in your arsenal and then you go by feeling,,you always train by feeling,,the hormonized bodybuilder does not have to squat to have big lean legs,,it doesnt have to work with dumbells when work arms to have the arms getting stronger,,he can work with hammer machine,,

the natural bodybuilder the few that are true naturals ,,they need specific routines that they can not deviate from ,,they can not be having fun ,,they can not have a girlfriend,,they can not quit eating for a day like hormonized,,they need food in all the time,,they can not eat dirty and grow lean muscle,,they can not basically have life as naturals and thats why they always look the same because no one unless hormonized can stick to this horrible life style which is not sustainable naturally,,everyone realize it after 2-3 years
by gh15pupil July 07, 2012
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