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Gettin slothy, or formally "getting slothy" is a slacker oriented term which has been popularized by the trend of "sloth" in general. The term is mysteriously versatile and a shape shifting cultural phrase. One must drop the final "G" consonant when pronouncing the word "getting" which enhances the lazy lackluster version of pronunciation of "gettin" in the phrase. One is gettin slothy when they do the following:

1. Slowly head out to a place or task they don't really want to do. This would include things like mowing the lawn, going to summer school, heading to work when there is an uprising and other things people don't want to do but go at a sloth's speed because it must be accomplished. It is different than procrastination because they are doing the task but slightly unwillingly, with lazy effort and lack of enthusiasm.

2. Hanging out-chilling with no purpose or direction. Chilling at the crib, as it were.

3. Getting dirty in one's own body odor from doing sports or other smelly activities.
"Time to roll we gotta go, come on, we're gettin slothy"

"What are you guys doing tonight"?
"We're just gettin slothy"

"Are you going to ever mow the lawn"?
"I am gettin slothy with it today".

"Man you stank today what have you been doing?"
"Gettin slothy"
by misp October 20, 2013
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