Something that makes no sense and means getting familiar with the world around u and realizing u no longer like someone. It's like an inside joke about understanding yourself with yourself.
"Yo dude, how are u and her doing?" Dude 1
"Get to know" dude 2
"you dropped her? That's harsh" dude 1
"Get to know dude" dude 2
by Buffy legs March 26, 2017
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Basic you got rejected....they don’t get a shit about you there just saying that to be nice
((Me)):this is kind of hard to say but I love you
((Damn hot guy )): that’s cool your chill 😂
((Me): damn
((Damn hot guy)): I sorry I don’t like you in that you tho, I would like to get to know you better
by Bored vjugnk November 5, 2017
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