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An Australian slang expression that has a similar meaning to get a dog up ya though refers to the ginger colour of some people pubic hair and labels this a a heap.

Can also refer to getting a drink "in ta ya" as quick as possible or is a crass way of referring of the insertion of a male organ, sex toy, vegetable, 44 gallon drum or large log into any orifice of either a female or male member of the mammalian family.
example 1:
honest singlet wearing aussie bloke 1: Geeeeez, I haven't had a drink 'n hours!!!
honest singlet wearing aussie bloke 2: yea, well get that up ya gingerheap!!! (handing bloke 1 a beer)

example 2 (slight grammatical modification):
polite upper middle class Sydney side female: What in gods name do you call this?
honest singlet wearing aussie bloke: What ever turns you on babe, just keep talking and ya'll get it up ya gingerheap.
by nusstafer April 02, 2011
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