Smoking a larger than normal quantity of marijuana, usually resulting in a good few hours of laziness, desire to eat fast food (or junk food) and/or fall asleep.
"Hey dude, want to get baked tonight?"
by Edouard July 3, 2006
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Getting High. This expression was made famous by '40 Year Old Virgin' (Starring Steve Carell)
Brooke: So what you doing on the weekend?
Frank: Well I bought some weed so... I'm getting baked!
by Slash did Pot August 18, 2011
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Usually used to clown on a person who refuses to use common sense to solve or deal with a problem or issue, thus, paying a severe consequence because of his or her arrogance, ignorance, and lack of knowledge.
Man I told Timmy not to hook up with that trick from the block. She's got STDs. Not to mention her brother is a hitman.

But guess what, Timmy hit it anyways..."Dummies Get Baked."
by Bulldog Pride June 2, 2011
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