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Also abbreviated to GSRIN. Difficult to define. A stronger version of get stuck in, it relates to becoming completely absorbed in a task to the point of retarded autism, becoming completely oblivious to the basic human needs of yourself and everyone around you, or just giving someone heaps and heaps of shit to the point that if they ignore you they look like a fucking idiot.

The key to the definition is pronoucing RIGHT properly - it's a subtle mix of the feral accents of the boofheads on the Footy Show and... a freaky cannibalistic murderer who is harrassing his kidnapped victim.
Sharma: Hutnut, I reckon you should do the Japan brief and I don't want to just get stuck in. How stuck in do I want you to get.......? I want you to get stuck RIGHT in.


Merz: Hey Hungry Hungry, can you get the door?
Hungry Hungry: Shut up, you fat pirate.
Small man Wicky: Yeah! The boys are getting STUCK RIGHT IN!!!!!
by hutnut999 May 19, 2010
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