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the goal of the game is to have your mark inquisitively say: "whaaat?"

in order to do this you may make up words, mumble, create fictitious events, use clever distractions and etc.

on a defensive measure, if you realize someone is trying to "german you" simply say the word: amstedam. this will let your opponent know they have failed to german you. if someone is not trying to german you and you say amsterdam there are no consequences, but it is also possible to simply use a different word other than amsterdamn (i.e., excuse me? what did you say? etc.).

optional: when completing a german on someone it is optional to throw your right elbow up in a 90 degree angle with fist motion to further rub it in your opponent's face you have indeeded german them.

sidenote: this game was created to promote good grammar in a fun competitive way.
here are a few scenarios of the german game.

katie*: it's just that i don't like... murmur murmur murmur... so not wearing underwear is fun for me.
grandpa sean*: what!?
katie: germaned!

grandpa sean: hey katie, did you know about crappletine?
katie: amsterdam!
grandpa sean: damn.


grandpa sean: hey katie, did you know about crappletine?
katie: crappletine? i don't believe I know about such a thing.
grandpa sean: damn.

*the names have been changed in order to protect a lesser party from embarrassment due to his lack of germaning skills.
by k>GS September 25, 2009
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