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Goatsex roosterporn.
A: For you are me test gerbit.
B: You don't like my current one? :O
A: gerbil*
B: Gerbit*
B: Gerbils suck. I want to be a Gerbit.
A: goatsex*
B: roosterporn*
B: Angie drew Rooster Porn in Boo's notebook.
B: So that was kind of an inside joke there.
by Anonym00se May 29, 2004
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The Simlish word for "Llamas", a running theme in The Sims series.

Sims will often say "Gerbits" when referring to Llamas, and many activities, objects, and interactions will often refer to llamas.

The word "gerbits" was isolated as being "Llamas" from the school chant present in Sims 2 and Sims 3.
"Gerbits, Gerbits, go Gerbits!" - School Chant performed by Sims
by Not a Llama August 25, 2019
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