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A person or thing that is one with the universe's eternal energy. Geoheadie people understand the most complex ideas about life and the circle of energy. Geoheadie's are the highest form of headie beings. Geoheadie's live by PLUR.

Geoheadie things consist mainly of earthly ideas with sometimes a focus on geometric shapes. Orignaly used to describe objects seen after smoking dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Now more common uses describe blown glass, a persons style, a piece of clothing, or anything that is associated with peace, love, unity and/or respect.
"Dude, your new bong is sooooooooo geoheadie."

"Lorin, the bassnectar dude, is way to geoheadie for his own good!"

(while on several doses of LSD) "The lights! Geooooheadie!"
by cpham April 26, 2011
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