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1. Getting robbed by Microsoft. Paying 599 EUR for the retail version of Windows Vista Ultimate, 460 EUR for the hardware upgrades needed to use it and getting that lovely "This copy of Microsoft Windows(R) is not genuine." box after two weeks' use. How come the users who actually pay for their software suffer from the antipiracy campaign while the users with warez versions have no problems at all?

2. Having to waste lots of time to view the FBI warnings every time one starts to play a genuine DVD while the pirated versions usually omit these warnings or at least have no limits on using fast forward to skip them.

3. The compatibility problems associated with protected audio CD's. While the consumers buying genuine versions have to cope with these problems, the others using pirated versions with no copy protection or downloading MP3's and burning CD's themselves are not affected. An extreme example was the Sony rootkit scam.

4. The annoying tendency of some games to require that the game CD-ROM is present every time the game is started/played even if the game is fully installed on the hard drive. Again, the pirated versions often come with a patch which disables the CD check, thus creating a more pleasant gaming experience.
Person 1: 'I actually paid Microsoft 599 euros for this piece of crap and now it says it's not genuine'
Person 2: 'That's just unfair'
Person 3: 'But that's just Microsoft's Genuine Disadvantage'
by an4ljuggernaut February 27, 2007
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