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Someone who prescribes to be a genius on a topic of which he is short on knowledge. In other words, someone who has a magic lamp up his butt.
For instance someone you go to for help with a computer problem who gives you false or misleading information. Someone who wants to be a genius but actually is a genieass.
by Mrkenworth July 10, 2012
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the person everyone knows, that think that they are magically smart all of the sudden, especially in social situations when they are gossiping, humuliating in some form or other of someone else because they appear to be weak, or unknown(ususlly someone who they are jealous of or want to be like
last night (no name mentioned, they already know anyway) was being such a genie-ass! i couln't help but run away so i wouldn't laugh!
by she honey badger July 10, 2008
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