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as a high school class, a hell of a lot easier than AP chemistry
as a college class, a hell of a lot harder than AP chemistry
"Josh is in general chemistry. He's dumb"
"General chem is nothing like what we did in AP chem last year"
by Eric Guan February 15, 2008
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A series of chemistry courses usually taken by science majors and pre-health students. Used as a prerequisite to harder classes, like organic chemistry, etc. It is also used as a "weed-out" class for many universities because it will likely rape you and your GPA up the butt, and prevent you from doing whatever it was you came to college to do.
Student 1: "My ass hurts from the general chemistry rape session I just had this year."

Student 2: "You think your ass hurts from gen. chem.? Just wait until you take organic."

Student 1: "Fml."
by Chem@OSUsux June 14, 2010
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