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Someone, typically a female on tumblr, who makes up and claims to be a certain gender in an attempt to feel unique. They may claim to be demiboy/genderfluid/agender/stargender. Gendertrenders will make up genders and claim gender is social construct, while sadly shitting on the trans community by making it look like a joke. These people also seem to contradict themselves on whether or not clothes have a gender, and will demand you refer to them as xe or bunself.
Common tumblr profile of a gendertrender: I'm a sapiosexual-pansexual queer fat femme demigirl . Non-binary. Pronouns are bun/bunself. I have undiagnosed depression and adhd. Ask before follwing-no cis white men!
by FriedFrogs March 26, 2016
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