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Beautiful smart athletic inspiring curagious person who's one desire is to make people happy. Leader aspects automatically make them lovable. Also has the sense that people are constantly manipulating you.
by Uban_dic September 16, 2017
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geenan means "more than one heaven" or "More than one paradise." Relationship wise, geenan could make every single day a paradise for her partner. geenan can make her partner her whole life, she would do almost anything for them. Geenan is not someone who can be manipulated, she's extremely aware of players. Geenan is not a mean person but more described as defensive. Geenan is described as a princess but associates herself with the title of Queen. She loves to take control of her life and certain things will drive her to be her best potential. She has such high hopes for herself and nothing will stand in the way of making herself the best she can be. Geenan loves when people like her and HATES if people don't. She always has to make amens. Geenan is always consciously aware of herself.
by Uban_dic August 15, 2018
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