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Pride to be geek! Geeks who don't hide their culture from outsiders have pride.

Naming your real hobbies on your first dates is geek pride.
Wearing your geeky t-shirts in public is geek pride.
Going to geek pride parades is ... geek pride.

When you're interested in it more than mainstream and you're happy to tell the world: geek pride.
You see that guy with the Bungie t-shirt? That's geek pride.

Nah, can't come to your party, got a raid on!

Hey, you read XKCD? Yeah? Have you seen yesterday's? We gotta do that!

... so he was like, it's just not solveable or if it is, only in ridiculous time. And BAM, I do it in < 30 sec with Jordan blocks. Right? Yeah!!
by <3geeks August 22, 2009
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