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When a geek decides to undertake an immense physical task. They usually decide in an instant, leaping decisively into action like the superheroes they love.

However, they are geeks, and thus they miss the smooth beauty of their heroes and twitch their way into the task, attracting stares all round.
1. A teacher in the class room throws a tennis ball. The geek spies a ball just out of reach, bouncing away. He throws himself to the floor, and a terrifying smile appears on his face. A classmate still remembers this moment 5 years ago. It's scary.

2. A geek remembers something vastly important (the best mod of Doom which he hasn't played since he was 10) and twitches his way into a different direction.

3. Doctor Who remembers something/gets excited/gets angry/changes his mind, etc. His geek energy is more restrained than real-world geeks.

4. Also known as 'nerd energy' in more extreme
by slim_dog May 05, 2010
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