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A Malay word, but maybe the whole word should start using it. It describes someone(usually a girl) who acts in a slutty way but not to the extreme, it's kinda like a 'persuasive but cute' manner, where the 'cute' part is usually not from the heart. just check the e.g.
Boy : Hey, leave my noodles alone on that table!
Girl : Aww... can't I just have a little?~ pleaasee....
Boy : A simple "no, u can't"
Girl : aww pweaase~ pwettie pweaasee~ (puts finger on her lips and nods a little while staring straight to the boy's face)
Boy : Omg, u r sooo gedik
by Noobist January 22, 2008
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The Malay definition for girls or boys who acts like girls. Mostly used for people who is making themselves look overly childish not in spontaneously to get people's attention.

Girls who acts like slut but in a cute way.
A: Do you know Mia?
B: Yeah, Why?
A: She is so GEDIK
B: What have she done?
A: She was acting cute with my crush but I know she's trying to get his attention and make him fall in love with her!

For Boys:
A: Hey Bobby.
B: What's up?
A: I want to buy that new eyelashes! Please accompany me there!
B: What? I'm busy.
A: Aww please! Please *pouting and blink his eyes*
B: You are so GEDIK
by CookiesAndYou January 26, 2016
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