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1) n. One of the five original mythical creatures of lore. Said to be created by Homer, the gayzel is at best an enigma whose physical appearance is open to debate. Mythological scholars, most notably Nina Samuels of Harvard Divinity School, contend that the gayzel is the mortal form of the Greek Triumvirate, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, and thus shares the physical characteristics of each. In mythology, the gayzel represents the lust of the gods for it only beds virgins, both male and female. The gayzel is first mentioned in the Iliad with subsequently appears in the Odyssey and Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano.

2) n. More recently, the term "gayzel" has been attached to promiscuous individuals whose preferences are virgins. While technically ideologically incorrect, this usage has gained increasing acceptance in both mainstream society and academia.
1) "Turn of the head revealed the gayzel..."
-Homer's Iliad p. 886

2) Guy 1: Hey, I've had sex with four women, deflowered them all. Call me the de-virginizer.
Guy 2: The de-virginizer? Really? Questionable. I'll just call you the gayzel.
by Sean Emory Xu February 16, 2008
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